Luxembourg Park Apartment

A family apartment on a budget

Location: Paris
Size: 80m2

Working with a couple who have two children, this 80m2, two bedroom renovation, needed a better use of space to meet the family’s needs.  A further challenge was to provide an elegant finish within a tight budget but without compromising the design or quality of the fixtures.

The kitchen was initially in a separate room and was moved into the living room to create an open living and kitchen area suitable for family life. By using a clever mixture of standard fixture and fittings with high quality materials we were able to meet the budgetary constraints without compromising the desired result. For example, whilst we used a small amount of branded tiles by ‘Made a Mano’ to make a feature in the bathroom, we used a craftsman formed concrete splashback (and workbench) in the kitchen to provide a unique design economically. 

family apartment remodel
white interior design
designer tiles
bathroom design
family apartment layout